Elevate your brand. Amplify your story. Create greater impact.

We are passionate creatives, wordsmith wizards, sustainability champions, impact storytellers, and catalysts for change that …


  • Weave empathy, curiosity, and authenticity into compelling narratives.
  • Embrace core values to build brand value.
  • Pursue opportunities at the intersection of current assets and market needs.
  • Keep stakeholders’ needs at the center of our efforts.
  • Believe co-creation and collaboration are central to success.
  • Reach bold goals through continuous learning and incremental wins.
  • We find creative ways to simplify the complex so results can happen.


Uncover the essence of your brand promise aligned to your bold goals, vision for change, and unique value.

Strengthen your brand’s authenticity, trust and affinity with distinct, simple, consistent, and compelling messaging. We build brand communications pillars with a keen understanding of your competition and customers, anchored to market realities and relevancies.


Position your passion beyond profits, causes you care about and missions that matter.


Promote your climate commitments and sustainability progress.


Capture brand characteristics that speak to your personality, pace, orientation, and tone.


Craft a point of view that reflects your core beliefs and unique perspective.


Showcase how your model of change, programs and partnerships drive results.


Own a unique storytelling identity and compelling content narratives.

Our STORY A.R.C.™ process uncovers your most valuable storytelling themes that create an effective narrative roadmap aligned to your communications goals. The result – authentic, compelling, and connected storylines that amplify your greatest Assets, Results and Collaborations.

Ask us about our StoryCast™ program – connecting the power of storytelling with the popularity of podcasts.

Bring intelligent, entertaining, and educational content to life. We curate and produce dynamic episodes that 30-second soundbites, blog posts, or 2-minute videos can’t achieve.

  • Spark interest and inspiration through personal storytelling.
  • Recognize valued community and funding partners
  • Activate members, donors, and stakeholders
  • Expand your audience reach
  • Capture advanced listener analytics

Use StoryCast™ for:

Sector Thought Leadership

Spotlight your unique market advantage, model for change or expertise that features your drive for results.

Campaign Advocacy or Activation

Elevate the urgency of a critical issue and why it matters to activate a wider audience.

Program Awareness and Impact

Showcase resources and results through changemakers, communities and collaborations.

Dialogue and Discourse

Use interactive discussions and interesting interviews to uncover and unpack difficult issues.


We are architects of fast-track growth to accelerate your impact.

Our blueprint process pinpoints your foundational strengths, evaluates your competitive landscape, and builds upon your high-value assets to leverage untapped market opportunities.

We draft this visual tool with you and key stakeholders, co-creating realistic goals, project plans, and timelines for success.

Ask us about The Pando Potential™ – our interactive workshop to cultivate growth and resiliency.

Inspired by nature, the Pando Potential™ unveils 5 simple, memorable secrets from the oldest and largest living organism in the world … one GIANT Aspen tree.

Seed new ideas, embrace change, foster flexibility, plan for results, seek greater visibility, and nurture core values.


Brainstorm ideas and pilot innovation with a smarter approach to incubating new opportunities.


We identify 8 viable innovation ideas by intersecting internal competencies and capacity with external market forces. Turn “what’s possible” and “what if” brainstorming into a tangible ideation matrix.

Prioritize which one(s) warrant further resources through critical thinking and problem-solving exercises.


Bring a viable idea closer to market reality with our 8 mapping activities that transform “thinking” into “doing” using design thinking and lean impact principles.

The result is an actionable roadmap for a market test or pilot launch with critical MVP mile-markers.

Ask us about POP Culture – our workshop to stretch problem-solving, risk-taking, decision making, and collaboration.

Chew on simple advice like “Expensive Shoes Won’t Cure a Sore Toe” and “Do Not Eat Yellow Snow” inspired by the fortunes wrapped inside Bazooka Joe® gum.

Identify assumptions, habits, mindset, and processes that stand in the way of change and new fortunes. Gum chewing allowed!

Our Team

We are a collective of impact catalysts, change agents, purpose promoters, curious listeners, authentic storytellers, brand architects, and teaching champions.

For more than 15 years, i.f.g. Studios has helped conscious companies, social ventures, and nonprofits (as well as the agencies that support them) …

Achieve brand authenticity
Craft compelling narratives
Leverage assets and advantages for growth
Pilot innovation opportunities
Own a distinct market position

Stephanie Brady, Founder and Managing Director

Stephanie has provided growth and innovation leadership for some of the world’s most respected brands – in public and private sectors and across diverse impact areas – by building or revitalizing brand, campaign, program, product, partner, and channel assets.

She combines her passion for purpose and teaching with her entrepreneur mindset and extensive marketing expertise to mobilize greater trust, accelerate impact, spark collective learning, and seed sustainable growth for organizations and brands committed to making a difference in the communities they serve.

As a national speaker, facilitator, and trainer, Stephanie has presenting to groups such as Women CEO, IBM, Unreasonable Institute, Nonprofit Learning Labs, SeedCo, National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, The Conservation Fund, Boulder Startup Week, and Boulder Earth Day.

Stephanie is also the creator of Books@Work, a former syndicated Media General business columnist and Starbucks-sponsored CBS radio show featuring high-profile CEOs about the books that influence their business leadership.

Stephanie is has a BS degree from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and an MBA from the University of Tampa.


Stephanie's branding and storytelling expertise have been instrumental in helping Oskar Blues position The Can'd Aid Foundation for national growth.

Diana RalstonExecutive Director, Can'd Aid Foundation

Stephanie receives top ratings as a facilitator from our field leaders. We value her professionalism, her authenticity and her talent to create a collaborative learning environment.

Mike FandeyVP, Training - United Way Worldwide

Stephanie created and facilitated an interactive mentoring workshop for The Unreasonable Institute's female entrepreneurs. I would definitely use Stephanie again to lead an energizing learning experience!

Jane MillerCEO - Charter Banking Company

Stephanie has a powerful ability to help teams move initiatives forward. She's been invaluable to the nLabs initiative at CU.

Alison PetersManaging Director - Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado

Stephanie significantly strengthen the positioning and value of our national corporate partnership program. Her coaching was critical to helping us renew large commitments.

Kate Sweeneyformer Executive Director, Cancer + Careers
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